How do we get started?

Unless you plan on paying cash for your home, you’ll want to meet with a mortgage lender (at the bank of your choice) to get “Pre-Approved” for a mortgage. By doing so, you’ll gain a full understanding of how much home you can afford; this can help us narrow down your search for the perfect home within your budget. *If you do need a mortgage lender referral, I’d be happy to give you a recommendation.

What does it cost to use a Buyer's agent?

It’s Free! The Buyer’s agent is generally compensated by the Seller’s Brokerage Company. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have a Buyer’s agent represent you throughout your transaction.

What is Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)?

Earnest money is a cash deposit buyers make when they sign a contract to buy a house. It makes the contract binding and signifies the intention of the buyer to complete the purchase. At closing, the earnest money becomes part of the down payment. If the buyer defaults without a good reason, as spelled out in the contract, the earnest money becomes payment for damages suffered by sellers and their agents.

How long will it take to purchase my home?

The timeframe usually varies when searching for your new home and securing an accepted contract. Factors that may affect this are available inventory, market conditions, and your specific needs. Upon receiving an accepted contract, the process usually takes 20 to 45 days to close.

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