Welcome to Hartland, Wisconsin! Hartland is a quaint village along the Bark River in the “Lake Country” area of Waukesha County, Wisconsin. THE NEIGHBORS:In the eastern portion of Lake Country between Pewaukee, Merton, Nashotah & Delafield. WHAT TO EXPECT:With a strong focus on family and community, Hartland is part of the Arrowhead School District which […]


Welcome to Sussex, Wisconsin! Located in northeast Waukesha County, Wisconsin about 30 minutes away from downtown Milwaukee. THE NEIGHBORS:Menomonee Falls & Pewaukee and surrounded by smaller towns such as Merton, Lannon & Lisbon. WHAT TO EXPECT:A heavy focus on community roots, but a drive toward growth with tons of new businesses since ~2018. Sussex is […]


Welcome to Waukesha, Wisconsin! #WaukeshaStrong THE NEIGHBORS:Waukesha County’s namesake, located centrally in the County, about 25 minutes west of Milwaukee. WHAT TO EXPECT:Wisconsin’s biggest little city. A TON of history; Waukesha as a municipality is older than the State of Wisconsin. A TON of businesses to visit and events to attend. A vibrant downtown, a […]


Welcome to Pewaukee The “Gateway to Lake Country”. THE NEIGHBORS: Pewaukee is located on the eastern portion of “Lake Country” just north of Waukesha, east of Hartland, and south of Sussex. Approximately 20-30 minutes outside of Milwaukee. WHAT TO EXPECT: Pewaukee is really the epitome of Wisconsin culture. In winter you can expect to find […]

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