On July 23rd & 24th, Lake Breezy Realty had the pleasure of attending the Annual Milwaukee Air and Water sponsored by Waterstone Bank.

For the first time since the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Milwaukee Air & Water Show returned to full swing on July 23d and July 24th of this year. With much anticipation, the show delivered spectacular performances.

Milwaukee Air and Water Show Event Highlights

The event’s highlight was the presence of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy flight Demonstration Squadron.

Flying over Milwaukee Bay, Lt. Cmd Cary Rickoff was the solo pilot on duty. Cmd Rickoff showed off his chops flying the high-speed performance A-18 Super Hornet. It was quite a spectacular scene drawing rave reviews from those who had the chance to observe his skilled performance.

The Navy Blue Angels also had a Diamond formation that demonstrated precision flight and tight formations over the water. Two solo pilots brilliantly pulled off a mirror image formation they call the ‘Fortus.’

Other notable acts at the show included the Air Combat Command’s F22 Raptor demo team from Langley AFT, VA. They took a stealth fighter to the air and dazzled the crowd with their unique stunts flying alongside aircraft from the World War II, Korean, and Vietnam eras.

The crowd gathered in early, and the show kicked off by 11 am on Saturday the 23rd. Families, veterans, and pilots alike were beaming with excitement, happy that the show was back on. With curiosity and much anticipation, the crowd came to be entertained, and they did not leave disappointed.

Events in the air and water show took place at Lake Michigan from Bradford Beach to McKinley Beach, just north of downtown Milwaukee. The beaches were filled with attendees, and the skies lit up with excitement from the aircraft.

The water acts scheduled to perform were the Coast Demo Team, but the organizers canceled the performance due to operational scheduling.

Lake Breeze Realty Connecting with the community

As a leading realtor in Wisconsin, we love to venture out and take part in community events. This event was significant since it was the first in three years.

The attendees well received the Air and Water show, and we have already bookmarked our calendars for next year. If you love fighter jets, food, and families gathering to spend time together, then the Milwaukee Aircraft and Water show is one you don’t want to miss next year.

Lake Breeze Realty took the opportunity to attend and answer questions about real estate, give out goodies, and connect with the community for a memorable time.

Will we see you at the show next year?

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